From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi: Republican Vote to Restrict Use of Matrícula Consular Shows GOP Pro-Hispanic Rhetoric Doesn't Match Reality

July 15, 2003

Washington, D.C. -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today released the following statement on the Republican amendment to the Foreign Relations Reauthorization Act, which would restrict the use of the Mexican Consulate’s identification card, the Matrícula Consular. The measure, introduced by Republican Reps. John Hostettler (R-IN), Elton Gallegly (R-CA) and Thomas Tancredo (R-CO), passed by a vote of 226 to 198.

"I am outraged that the Republican majority has again brought an anti-Hispanic measure to the House floor.

"The Matrícula Consular is internationally recognized as a valid form of identification, much like the consular registration issued by the U.S. State Department to our citizens living abroad. It allows many Mexican immigrants to open bank accounts and participate in other activities for which they pay taxes and contribute to the American economy. And the Mexican government has demonstrated to Congress that the Matrícula is secure.

"We in San Francisco know that the Matrícula Consular works. The pilot program in the San Francisco Federal Building was a success until the Republicans stopped it.

"America has been blessed by the beauty of our diverse immigrant community. From that beauty flows our strength, our boundless creativity, and our versatility. As a nation of immigrants, we need to ensure that newcomers have basic access to our government. We won’t give up until the Matrícula Consular is recognized.”




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