From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Democrats Unveil Hispanic Agenda

July 10, 2003
Contact: Brendan Daly/Jennifer Crider

Hispanic Agenda Press Confrence Photo
Pictured left to right: Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Robert Menendez, Senator Hillary Clinton, Representative Nydia Velazquez.

Washington, D.C. -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle, Democratic Caucus Chair Bob Menendez, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Ciro Rodriguez, other Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and Senators Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer held a news conference today to unveil the Democrats' Hispanic agenda. Representatives from national Hispanic organizations also participated to support and endorse the Democratic Hispanic agenda.

The agenda, called "Compromiso Demócrata con el Pueblo Latino -- The Hispanic Community and the Democratic Party: Working Together for America's Future," addresses the issues of jobs and the economy, education, health care, civil rights and immigration, and relations between the U.S. and Latin America. A copy of the agenda can be found here in English, and here in Spanish. Below are Leader Pelosi's remarks from the event:

"Thank you very much Leader Daschle for your inspiring statement and for your strong leadership in advancing the Democrats’ Hispanic agenda. It’s a pleasure to join you and Senator Clinton, who has been a prime mover of this whole initiative. Thank you, Senator Clinton. And of course it’s a pleasure to be here with my fellow Californian, Senator Boxer.

"Everything that Leader Daschle said about Hispanics and the Hispanic contribution to America we know first hand in our great Golden State. In the House, we have a very strong Hispanic Caucus. Part of our leadership is with us -- Bob Menendez, Chair of Democratic Caucus, and Ciro Rodriguez, who is the Chair of the Hispanic Caucus in the House of Representatives, and so many of my colleagues from the Hispanic Caucus as well.

"In California, we know that every time a newcomer comes to our shores, our society is greatly invigorated. We all take great pride in talking about family values in our country. It’s hard to think of any group that makes those family values stronger than the Hispanic community. Whether in California, where people have been there 400 years, or if they’ve just arrived hours or minutes ago, our country is blessed by the commitment to family, to faith, to the work ethic, to the academic ethic, and to the community that the Hispanic community prizes and treasures.

"And so in advancing our Democratic agenda today, it is in recognition that when we talk about the Hispanic community, that we are talking about a stronger America. When we talk about the Hispanic community, we are talking about a brighter future, not only for the Hispanic community, but for our entire country. And it’s about economic opportunity, and central to that is education.

"There are great differences between Democrats and Republicans in terms of our priorities in investing in education, giving every child in America an excellent education.

"We Democrats recognize that the diversity that the Hispanic community brings to our country is a source of great strength, and every one of those children could be the President of the United States, or anything that he or she aspires to. But it cannot happen without the economic security of their families being advanced by the strong economic agenda that we are advancing today, without the key to it all, excellent and universal access to quality education for all children, as well as access to quality health care. The disparity and access to quality health care is one that we address and that must be resolved.

"So, today we’re here to meet challenges, to celebrate our diversity, and to join together with our Hispanic colleagues and reach out to others to say: 'What a priority you are to us, and there will not be a credibility gap as to what we say and what we commit our resources to, which is the case with the Bush Administration.'

"I’m pleased to welcome the leaders of so many Hispanic organizations throughout the country in joining us in this important rollout, and again commend Leader Daschle, Senator Clinton, Senator Boxer on the Senate side, and my colleagues on the House side for their leadership in making this agenda possible.

"We are committed to it. It is our promise, and we will keep it. Thank you."





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