From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Celebrates the Issuance of the Year of the Monkey
Lunar New Year Stamp

January 6, 2004

San Francisco, CA - House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement today at a press conference commemorating the issuance of the Year of the Monkey Lunar New Year Stamp:

“Greetings as you gather to celebrate the unveiling of the Year of the Monkey Stamp, the final in this spectacular Lunar New Year comemmorative stamp series. Thank you to U.S. Postal Service District Manager Scott Tucker, the Organization of Chinese Americans and the leaders of San Francisco’s Chinese American Community for your work to make this series a reality.

“It has been a great honor for all Americans to celebrate the twelve years of the Chinese Zodiac with the stamps designed by artist Clarence Lee. I am proud to display these beautiful images on the walls of my San Francisco office and in the Democratic Leader’s office in our Nation’s Capitol.

“The Lunar New Year is the perfect time to celebrate the immeasurable contributions of Asian Americans in all aspects of American life. As a Member of Congress from San Francisco, I have the privilege of representing a large and strong Asian American community. The Asian American Community is a vital, historic and vibrant component of San Francisco’s world-renowned diversity.

“The Lunar New Year marks the beginning of a new season, and is a time of renewed hope for a prosperous future. The Monkey - the inventor, improviser and motivator - symbolizes growth and development, and epitomizes San Francisco’s entrepreneurial spirit and our ability to overcome great challenges. Let us all celebrate this tradition, renew our hope, and recommit ourselves to creating a safe and peaceful world for all our families.

“The United States Postal Service’s issuance of this stamp recognizes the contributions of Asian Americans and the cultural diversity in America today. I am honored to participate in Lunar New Year celebrations, and I wish good blessings to children, and to everyone peace, prosperity, good health and good fortune in the New Year. Gong Hay Fat Choy!”




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