From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Announces San Francisco Funding in FY04 Spending Bill

December 9, 2003

Washington, D.C. -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today announced funding for San Francisco programs that were included in the $820 billion fiscal year 2004 omnibus spending bill passed yesterday by the House of Representatives. The bill is now pending in the Senate.

“This funding will benefit San Francisco and the entire Bay Area by supporting successful programs and initiating promising projects,” Pelosi said. “The transportation projects will provide essential upgrades to our existing systems and will help us build a transit infrastructure to provide for our future needs while protecting the environment.”

The following are transportation and infrastructure programs that are key for the Bay Area that received funding:

  • Muni Third Street Light Rail - Pelosi secured $9 million for Phase II of the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) Third Street Light Rail Transit Extension. Phase I of the project includes a 19 stop light-rail line that will be completed in 2005 and is funded almost exclusively by state and local sources. Phase II will extend the rail line underground into San Francisco’s Chinatown District by 2012 through a 1.5-mile subway. The project, which is San Francisco’s highest transportation priority, carries a total cost of $1.32 billion.

  • Muni Third Street Road Work - Pelosi secured $2.5 million for road work related to the Muni Third Street Light Rail project through the Surface Transportation Project (STP) funding category.

  • BART to San Francisco International Airport - Pelosi and the Bay Area congressional delegation secured $100 million for the extension of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) service to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). “By creating new links among communities and attracting new passengers, the BART-SFO extension will promote economic productivity and reduce traffic congestion as well as air pollution in the Bay Area,” Pelosi said.

  • Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit - Pelosi secured $4.5 million for the ongoing seismic retrofitting of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Muni Bus and Bus Facility Upgrades - Pelosi secured $4 million for Muni to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operations along key corridors of the city through security and technology upgrades, alternative fuel buses and street improvements.

  • Muni Transportation Communications System - Pelosi secured $1.5 million for Muni to replace its antiquated communications system with a new integrated radio and wireless data system.

  • Muni Alternative Fuels New Technology System - Pelosi secured $500,000 to initiate a public-private consortium for development and testing of battery electric buses for public transit systems. Identifying alternative technologies is critical to San Francisco Muni’s effort to replace its older diesel bus fleet with the most effective, clean new engines.

  • Presidio Trails and Bikeways - Pelosi secured $1 million for the implementation of the recently approved Presidio Trails and Bikeways Plan in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

  • City CarShare - Pelosi secured $500,000 for City CarShare, an automated, short-term mobility service that makes cars available on a per-use basis. CarShare began operating in March 2001 and now serves 2,400 members who share 85 vehicles at 40 locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • City College of San Francisco Transportation Academy - Pelosi secured $300,000 for the San Francisco Transit Career Ladder Program, a joint effort of City College, San Francisco Muni, and the Transport Workers Union. The program is designed to train students for a variety of transportation careers.

In addition to projects within the City of San Francisco, Pelosi worked with her Bay Area colleagues on funding for projects that will benefit the entire San Francisco Bay Area. These include $2 million in New Starts funding for the BART to San Jose Project, and $2.1 million for CALSTART/ WestStart’s research activities on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), an approach to transit that provides a rail-like service with lower costs and greater flexibility than rail and produces fewer emissions than traditional bus service.

Other community programs funded in the omnibus include:

California Academy of Sciences renovation - $1 million
San Francisco Bay Area Law Enforcement Technology Systems - $1 million
City of San Francisco Justice Information Tracking System - $750,000
CA Dept. of Justice SF Bay Area sexual assault screening program - $750,000
Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment microenterprise
training for women in underserved communities - $500,000
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy shoreline
& habitat restoration - $300,000
Old Mint redevelopment project - $250,000
Emancipated Foster Youth Program facility renovation - $200,000
Fine Arts Museums of SF’s DeYoung Arts Education Program - $200,000
International Museum of Women - $100,000




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