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Pelosi: Bush Praises Military Personnel while DOD Tries to Cut Pay for Those in Iraq and Afghanistan

August 14, 2003

Washington, D.C. - House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today released a letter responding to news reports that the Department of Defense is trying to cut the pay for military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. The news comes on the same day that President Bush is at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in California praising our troops.

“Yet again, the Bush Administration’s rhetoric doesn’t match the reality of America’s men and women in uniform," Pelosi said. "The very same day the President is addressing our troops in California, his Defense Department is trying to cut the pay of military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.”
Below is the complete text of the letter:

August 14, 2003

Dear Secretary Rumsfeld:

Recent media reports indicate that, in addition to the many dangers our forces are facing in Iraq and Afghanistan, they will soon confront a loss of income. Let me be clear: it is unacceptable to decrease separation allowances and imminent danger pay for our troops.

It is also my understanding that the Department of Defense opposes any effort to extend or make permanent the increases Congress provided in these areas earlier this year. If true, the Department’s position is wrong.

Our military personnel make substantial sacrifices every day in their service around the world, often under conditions of extreme danger. Their families share in those sacrifices. We have a responsibility to make sure that they receive the support they need, including levels of compensation that reflect the depth of their service. Imminent danger pay and separation allowances should reflect the realities faced by military personnel and their families. These realities amply justify making certain that there are no reductions in these forms of compensation.

I urge your prompt personal review of this matter. We must ensure that the men and women of our armed forces, and their families, do not see their pay cut at a time when they are giving so much to our country.


Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Leader




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