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A Gift to the Gun Lobby

Five years ago this week, a gunman took the lives of 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary. The families of the victims of gun violence deserve more than just our thoughts and prayers – they deserve real, urgent and long-overdue action to end this crisis.

Same Old Tax Scam

In my view, the House Republican Leadership is racing forward with a tax scam that will raise taxes on millions of middle class families, in order to hand deficit-exploding giveaways to the wealthiest and corporations shipping jobs overseas.

ENROLL NOW: Covered California

Covered California is here to stay with open enrollment for 2018 beginning today,November 1st, through January 31st, 2018. Covered California is the only insurance marketplace in California where eligible consumers can receive financial assistance to help pay for their health insurance. 

Update: California Wildfires

As a Californian and as an American, my heart breaks for the victims of the devastating wildfires in the North Bay and for the loved ones of those still missing. All Americans send our deepest condolences to the thousands whose homes and businesses have been destroyed and lives upended by this disaster, and offer our solemn gratitude to the heroic first responders who are risking their lives to protect neighbors and strangers alike.

Thoughts & prayers are not enough

The families of the victims of gun violence deserve more than just our thoughts and prayers – they deserve real, urgent and long-overdue action to end this crisis. But just days after the worst mass shooting in modern American history, the House Republican Leadership in my view has refused to even begin a bipartisan, common sense process to address the gun violence epidemic. 

URGENT: Repeal is back

The zombie health care repeal proposal is back yet again. After numerous failures to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Leadership in Congress has scheduled a vote on their Graham-Cassidy bill this week.

President Trump Compromised Highly-Classified Intelligence to Russians

If news reports are true, President Trump has compromised a key source of intelligence collection against ISIS and jeopardized the security of the American people. 

A Moral Monstrosity

From the beginning, Trumpcare has meant a frightening future for families who need affordable, dependable health care the most. Today, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for higher health costs, less coverage, gutting key protections, an age tax and stealing from Medicare.

A Danger to Living Things

Each Earth Day, the international community renews our commitment to protecting the environment. Since 1970, communities around the world have united on this day to highlight the urgency with which we must act to protect the world’s air, water, land, and wildlife for the next generation.

For Sale: Your Private Browsing History

Today, President Trump’s signature on S.J.Res 34 has unleashed internet service providers to sell your most intimate personal information – without your knowledge or your consent. This measure is a breathtaking violation of Americans’ privacy in one of the most personal parts of their lives. Republicans have made it possible to sell your most personal and sensitive information – your browsing history, your children’s location, everything.  

Prescription for Disaster

In my view, the Republican Majority’s Pay More For Less bill is a moral monstrosity that will deeply devastate working families across America. Despite claims their legislation will be an “act of mercy”, if it passes - 24 million Americans will have their health insurance ripped away, while billionaires can receive a massive new tax break.

Dangerous & Incompetent

One month ago, President Trump took the oath of office. Since taking office, I believe his dangerous, incompetent policies and actions have jeopardized our national security, our economy, and our values.

Get Covered with Covered California

Covered California’s open enrollment period for 2017 began on November 1st and continues through January 31st, 2017. Even if you had a Covered California plan in 2016, you are strongly encouraged to go online, update your application, and compare the plans and premiums for 2017, to make sure you are choosing the plan that works best for you in 2017.  

Covered California is Open for Business

Covered California’s open enrollment period for 2017 began on November 1st and continues through January 31st, 2017. To avoid a gap in coverage, current Covered California plans must be renewed by December 15th, 2016.

Our Pledge to You

On Veterans Day, Americans honor the sacrifices of the courageous women and men who have who have bravely served our country. Our veterans have earned our everlasting gratitude for fighting for liberty and our democracy.  

Happy 100th Park Service!    

One hundred years ago, the National Park Service was born and tasked with the great honor and responsibility of protecting and preserving our nation’s greatest natural treasures. The formation of the Park Service was inspired in part by a powerful environmental movement that brought attention to the beauty and magnificence of our nation’s landscapes. From the father of national parks, John Muir, to the legendary wilderness photographer, Ansel Adams, California is home to some of the most prominent and fearless champions of environmental stewardship.                

Back to School

As the mother of 5 children within 6 years, I know the excitement and challenges of preparing your child for the new school year. Below you will find helpful resources for your student as they enter the 2016-2017 school year.


Last week, Republican Leadership chose to leave Washington, D.C. for a seven-week recess without allowing a single vote on life-saving legislation. From Zika, to Flint, to gun violence prevention, to opioids — again and again, our colleagues across the aisle refuse to pass any of these commonsense measures to protect the American people and our nation.                   

Skip the Lines  

Whether you are travelling the world or visiting Washington, D.C. to tour our nation’s Capitol building, you may be interested in taking a look at a few helpful tips to help make your summer travels safe, fun and stress free.

Celebrating #SFSBW2016

During San Francisco Small Business Week, we honor the contributions of the more than 85,000 small businesses that help make San Francisco the Innovation Capitol of the World. From May 21st – May 28, 2016, you may be interested in taking a look at the series of events, list of speakers and opportunities to inspire, educate and connect our business community. You can also find resources from the Small Business Administration below.                      

FAFSA: Funding Your Future

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is now available to apply for federal, state, and college-sponsored financial aid for the 2016-2017 academic year. If you are seeking state aid through California Grants, you must submit your FAFSA and a certified GPA to the California Student Aid Commission by March 2nd, 2016.

Follow the Leader

In 2015, my office worked around the clock to assist San Franciscans in California’s 12th Congressional District. Please feel free to take a look at the list of services and casework spotlight below. To stay informed of my work in Congress, sign up for my weekly Pelosi Update newsletter and connect with me on Twitter.

50 Days to File

With the April 15th tax deadline just around the corner, you may be interested in taking a look at the helpful resources below to make this year’s filing process easier than ever. For additional assistance with filing your taxes, you can visit or call 1-800-829-1040. 

White House Easter Egg Roll

On Monday, March 28th, 2016, The President and First Lady will open the South Lawn of the White for the 2016 White House Easter Egg Roll. The annual celebration invites children 13 years and younger and their families to enjoy live music, sport courts, cooking stations, storytelling and, of course, Easter egg rolling. This year’s event will also include the first-ever White House Fun Run, led by First Lady Michelle Obama. Tickets to the final Easter Egg Roll of the Obama Administration can be requested through an online public lottery, which closes tomorrow, Wednesday, February 17th, 2016.              

Protecting #RoeVWade

For the more than 40 years since Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court has consistently ruled that a woman’s reproductive health decisions must be her own – in consultation with her family, her physician and her faith.  Yet today, American women are witnessing a brazen and concerted Republican effort to roll back their constitutional right to make their own health decisions

Super Bowl 50: Celebrating the Bay

As San Francisco welcomes visitors from across the nation to host Super Bowl 50, we are once again provided with an opportunity to showcase the values and culture that make our City great. While the Super Bowl has long been one of America’s most celebrated sporting events, Super Bowl 50 is sure to be the biggest celebration yet - one that is loud, proud, inclusive and authentic, just like the Bay Area itself. 

Honoring His Dream

The Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. dedicated his life to ensuring that all Americans may live the American Dream. Dr. King led battles to defeat rampant injustice against African Americans, workers, and people living in poverty around the world. As a fourth generation Baptist preacher, Dr. King was compelled by his faith to confront and combat the evil of inaction in the face of injustice. 

'Tis the Travel Season

During the holiday season, we come together to offer gratitude for the blessings in our lives and give thanks for the gift of friends and family. As you begin your travel plans to spend another joyful holiday season surrounded by loved ones, I would like to share a few helpful tips on how to make your travel experience better than ever. 

Our Pledge to You

On Veterans Day, we salute the 22 million veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice and remember those who served our country in the name of freedom and democracy. After fighting for our nation overseas, no veteran should have to fight for a job, for access to healthcare, or for a safe place to call home. You may be interested in taking a look at the resources below to learn about opportunities that are helping equip our heroes with the tools to succeed.

Stay Covered

Today, Covered California open enrollment for 2016 begins and continues through January 31st, 2016. To avoid a gap in coverage, current Covered California plans must be renewed by December 15th, 2015. Although you may apply for MediCal year round, you must submit an application by December 7th, 2015 to qualify for coverage beginning on January 1st, 2016. You can also choose from a number of dental plans, which are new to the 2016 Covered California Marketplace. 

Honoring Our Workers

Every Labor Day, America pays tribute to the hard-working men and women who are the beating heart of our economy and the backbone of our democracy. When working people succeed, America succeeds – and this weekend, we rededicate ourselves to defending their rights and expanding their opportunities. 

Friend Request

As San Francisco’s Representative, keeping you informed of my work in Congress is one of my top priorities. To receive breaking news and updates on issues important to you and your family, please connect with me online. 

How May I Serve You?

It is a privilege to represent you and the people of San Francisco in Congress. My office is proud to provide assistance if you need help with a federal agency or the federal grants process, seek to tour DC landmarks, or are interested in youth opportunities in my office. 

50 Days to File

With the April 15th tax deadline just around the corner, there are several resources available to help make this year’s filing process easier than ever. Take a look at the IRS Resources below, which includes helpful tips for filing your tax return and a link to software that may help you file your taxes for free.

Are You Covered?

Over 1.3 million Californians have enrolled in quality, affordable health care in California’s health insurance marketplace, Covered California. Another 2 million more now receive care as a result of the expansion of Medi-Cal under the Affordable Care Act. 


Congress must do more to create an economy that works for all Americans, not just the wealthy few. Unfortunately, I believe House Republican policies are standing in the way. 

How May I Serve You?

As you may be aware, my office is proud to provide assistance if you are experiencing difficulty with a federal agency, need help with the federal grants process, or are interested in touring D.C. landmarks. This newsletter includes tax tips and information about the many services my office can provide to you. 

Top 5 Missed Opportunities of 2013

After a year of lurching from manufactured crisis to crisis, the Republican-led Congress headed home with what I believe is one of the most miserably unproductive records in history. 

Get Covered California! - October 2013

Passing the Affordable Care Act – ensuring every American has access to quality, affordable health care as a right, and not a privilege – stands as one of my proudest moments in the twenty-six years I have enjoyed the honor of representing San Francisco in the Congress. 

When Women Succeed, America Succeeds - July 2013

For too long, America’s women have faced outdated policies and practices that prevent them from fully participating in our economy. 

Five Ways Sequestration Affects Californians

In 2011, Congress passed the Budget Control Act, preventing the U.S. from defaulting on its financial obligations and cutting spending by over $1 trillion over the next 10 years.

Let's Get Real - December 2012

The message from the American people is loud and clear: we need solutions not stalemates.

Under Attack: A Healthier California - August 2012

My Democratic colleagues and I are focused on Americans’ top priorities: jobs, the economy, and a stronger middle class.

My Office is Here to Help You - February 2012

As you may be aware, my office provides assistance if you are experiencing difficulty with a federal agency, need help with the federal grants process, or are interested in touring D.C. landmarks.

Working for San Francisco and the Nation - 2011 

After nearly a year in the majority, the House Republican Leadership has yet to address the number one priority of the American people – job creation.

Seniors Newsletter Spring 2011

Social Security and Medicare are solemn pledges to our seniors – a promise of a safe and secure source of retirement income and health care for Americans. Protecting Social Security and Medicare is among my top priorities.

Summer/Fall 2010

Over the last six months, the Congress has worked to pass historic health care legislation, hold Wall Street accountable, assist small businesses, make college more affordable and create good-paying jobs...

Summer/Fall 2009

As a result of swift congressional action on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, 95 percent of American workers are already seeing a tax cut in their paychecks, and seniors and disabled veterans are receiving recovery payments—one-time payments of $250 to more than 50 million individuals who receive Social Security and SSI benefits...

Summer 2008

This Congress is working to make America less dependent on foreign oil, lower record gas prices and ensure greater energy independence...

Winter 2007/2008

In 2007, I had the great privilege of commemorating my 20th year of service to our great city of San Francisco as your Representative in Congress, while taking the gavel as the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives...

July 2006

We need a new direction in Iraq, one that will say to the Iraqi people: we will not be in your country indefinitely, we will not construct permanent bases, and we will not control the flow of your oil...

March 2006

As we begin a new session of Congress, many of our courageous men and women in uniform are in Iraq engaged in a war of choice that has already cost more than 2,200 lives. In Washington, D.C., we have seen the greed of special interests placed above the needs of American families...

January 2005

Our plan, the New Partnership for America's Future, reaffirms our commitment to six core values for a strong middle class: national security, prosperity, fairness, opportunity, community and accountability...

August 2004

We are fighting for tax relief for working families and small businesses, an increase in the minimum wage and investments in education and infrastructure...

June 2004

I am fighting every day in Congress to change these policies in order to create jobs and economic growth, to increase access to health care, to improve education for our children, to safeguard our environment and to keep our nation safe while at the same time protecting our Constitution and our civil liberties...

September 2003

In January, when I was elected Minority Leader, I made security and prosperity for the American people the priority of House Democrats. Earlier this year, the safety of our men and women in uniform was put at risk to enter a war against Iraq...

August 2002

Since becoming House Democratic Whip in January, I have worked to build unity in the party, to protect Social Security, to create a Medicare prescription drug benefit, to preserve the environment and to win funding for education...

April 2002

The tragedy of September 11 has had an impact on our budget priorities. We most certainly want to invest in protecting our country from future attacks, but we must also invest in our children's future...