• Firefighters Are Our Nobility

    Congresswoman Pelosi meets with San Francisco Firefights from Local 798 where she praised their efforts to keep San Franciscans safe and combatting wildfires. They also discussed protecting pensions and collective bargaining rights, funding for firefighters, and the importance of research and education on firefighters and cancer.
  • Support for the US-Israel Relationship

    Congresswoman Pelosi meets with San Franciscans in town for the AIPAC conference where they discussed efforts to support and strengthen the US-Israel relationship and the importance of foreign aid.
  • Trump Budget robs from Future to pay for Tax Scam

    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi joins Bay Area health care, ant-hunger, seniors’ rights and affordable housing leaders to shine a light on the GOP Tax Scam that gives a gift to the wealthiest one percent, while robbing from America’s future by ransacking investments in critical social safety net investments.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day Labor Breakfast

    Congresswoman Pelosi deliver remarks at the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Labor Breakfast which honors the legacy of labor and community working together in the struggle for civil rights throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Engaging with Local Workers

    Congresswoman Pelosi takes questions from SEIU members at the Local 1021 Union Hall in San Francisco.
  • Tax Scam Teach-In Town Hall

    Congresswoman Pelosi joined Congressman Mike Thompson, Bay Area advocates and middle class Americans for a teach-in highlighting the consequences of the GOP Tax Scam on working families at the University of San Francisco campus.
  • A Mayor of the People

    Congresswoman Pelosi delivers remarks at the memorial to celebrate the life and service of Mayor Ed Lee, a stalwart champion and friend to all San Franciscans, community organizer, civil rights lawyer and hard-working son of an immigrant family.
  • Volunteering at St. Anthony’s

    Congresswoman Pelosi and her family volunteer at St. Anthony’s Dining Room in the Tenderloin before the Thanksgiving Holiday.